Alabama Senate Republicans try to “out-Trump” each other

Ed Henry. (Source: WSFA video)


Ed Henry is not on the Republican ballot for the U.S. Senate race, but the state representative took political shots at Sen. Luther Strange during a Montgomery news conference Thursday.

“Luther Strange had zero to do with the election of Donald Trump in the state of Alabama,” Rep. Henry said.

His comments were inspired by the pro-Strange Senate Leadership Fund commercial that repeatedly uses a clip of Rep. Mo Brooks, another senate candidate, stating “I don’t think you can trust Donald Trump with anything he says.”

The comments were made during the presidential primaries.

Henry, a co-chairman of the Alabama Trump campaign said Alabama voters were being “deceived” by the commercials, but another major Alabama Trump supporter, former state representative Perry Hooper, Jr. agreed with the SLF commercial.

“He (Brooks) was a Ted Cruz guy, never a Trumper,” Hooper said.

With the senate primary a month away, the race is on for candidates to secure their “Trump credentials” in a state that solidly supported the Republican in the presidential election.

As Henry and Hooper offered their comments, another Republican Senate candidate, state senator Trip Pittman touted his own credentials in a statement.

“In October 2016, during the home stretch of Trump’s campaign when many had abandoned Trump’s corner, I decided to stand strong with Trump and gave him 2 separate donations,” Pittman said in the statement.

During the signing of his book, Abuse of Power: The Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Decision, at a campaign event at the Alabama Republican Party Headquarters in Hoover, Judge Roy Moore said he would prefer his fellow candidates stick to what they want to do in the U.S. Senate.

“What’s going on now among the candidates is quite simply the fact that I have been leading in the polls by eight to ten points all along,” Moore said. “Somebody has got to be in second place to get into the runoff. They are fighting to get into the runoff and they are starting to throw mud.”

Moore, who pointed out that he spoke at the Trump Inauguration Prayer Breakfast, made a prediction about the coming weeks.

“When you throw mud, it sticks on you and it sticks on others. I don’t agree with that sort of political bickering,” Moore said. “I know if I make the runoff I’m probably going to be the object of some of this.”

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