7 memorable moments from the first day of Pitchfork Music Festival 2017

Yesterday the 2017 Pitchfork Music Festival kicked off at Chicago’s Union Park. The first day was chalked full of memorable moments, with some being amazing, and a few being not so great. Overall, it was a fun-filled day of music that ended on a fantastic note with LCD Soundsystem’s high energy set that had everyone dancing.

There were so many memorable moments from day one of Pitchfork Music Festival 2017 that its hard to narrow them down, but we tried. In no particular order, here are some moments that stood out during the first day of Chicago’s P4K Fest.

  • Jackie Lee Young

    One of the first performers of Pitchfork Music Festival 2017 was Priests. Yes, they put on a great performance, but that wasn’t what was most memorable.

    What stood out was how fun they were on stage. It was a breath of fresh air getting to see them live. Singer Katie Alice Greer had a fun-loving and playful personality that was infectious. Despite them sounding great, it was the good feeling you get from watching them perform that stood out the most.

  • Jackie Lee Young

    Rapper Danny Brown choice to walk onto the stage to a Black Sabbath song, and that just makes him so much more amazing in my book.

    Another noteworthy item about Brown is that he’s cleaned up. Not cleaned up as in lyrically, because those are still dirty, but cleaned up his look. The longer hair is no more, and it’s now clean-cut.

    When it came to his set, it was as expected. An energetic performance that was crowd pleasing.

  • Jackie Lee Young

    The long jam sessions at the end, beginning, and between songs during Thurston Moore Group’s set was brilliant. It showcased just how talented Moore is on the guitar, and it also meant there was never a dull moment during the performance.

  • Kristina Pedersen

    Overall, rapper Vince Staples put on an amazing performance, but one of the most memorable things about it was how intense he was on stage. Between songs, or as the beat played out, he would stand perfectly still and stare at the crowd with fierce intensity. What was going through his head as he stood there and stared?

    Another memorable thing about his set was that the rapper flew solo. Vince Staples was the only person on stage, and he owned it. There was no backing band, guest artist, or hype man. Just Vince Staples spitting out his lyrics to a back track.

  • Jackie Lee Young

    One good reason to attend Pitchfork early is because you never know what musical gems can be discovered. On Friday, that was Dawn Richard. She may have performed an early set on the smaller blue stage, but she put on a show that was better than some of the main stage acts.

    Her energy, stage presence, and sound were all on point. Richard’s style is a unique blend of R&B mixed with pop mixed with electronica. It doesn’t sound like those things would go together, but she makes it work in the most spectacular way.

  • Kristina Pedersen

    When LCD Soundsystem started their set 10 minutes early, it was a jolt of much needed energy to the system. Especially since Dirty Projectors, who went on right before LCD Soundsystem, were a bit of a snooze-fest.

    LCD Soundsystem’s set woke people up, and the audience was dancing along to all their songs. The visuals were outstanding. Every beat in every song correlated perfectly with either the movements of the stage lights or visuals in the background. It was a well thought out set, and a great way to end night one of Pitchfork Music Festival 2017.

  • Jackie Lee Young

    According to a lot of frustrated (yet funny) Twitter posts, the line to get inside got incredibly long right before Vince Staples was set to perform.

    One festival goer tweeted out, "Come to #p4kfest for the acclaimed artists from a wide variety of genres. Stay because you’ve been in line all day."

    Another person who was standing in line during Staples set tweeted, "I’m really digging #TheLine’s set at #p4kfest. Sounds like a bunch of talking with @vincestaples in the background. Very avant garde."

    Not only was it taking a while for people to get in, but the lines for alcohol tickets were crazy long. Just by eyeballing it, there had to be at least 100 people standing in one line to get tickets. There are multiple drink ticket booths/lines, but each one was just as long as the next.

    Those going to day two or three of Pitchfork Music Festival will want to stock up on drink tickets to avoid the long line hassle later in the day.

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